Observing China: Sacred Places

Baotu Spring. Signs of religion. Temples. Bamboo. Birds

Mount Tai

Tai Shan. Sunrise. Cable cars. Walking. Steps.

Taishan - one of the most famous sacred mountains in China. 1.545m. 22 temples. 1800 stone tablets.
Chinese people are blessed with the mountainous landscape. Buddhists and Taoists pray there. 

Observing China: Streets

Markets. Lanters. Gates. Fruits and veggies.Transportation.

Observing China: Life of Ordinary

Village. Snow. Washing clothes

Observing China: Invisible People on the Streets

Ginko trees. Street cleaners. Brooms.

Observing China: Kids and Lanterns

One of the sketches from my life in China. 2016.
One child. Lanterns. Intelligible characters. Hanging plastic strips instead of doors.

Wind blows

One of the girls I met in London blog and her weaving works combined with my life in Klaipeda inspired me to draw this. 

Joy of Reading

I have been reading a lot recently. Books are great - they can take you to places you have never been and make your life more exciting:))

A friend of mine has a whole blog dedicated just to books. If interested check it out: https://gribook.wordpress.com/

P.s. I think the quality of my works is worsening. I will try to draw and post more often. (Hopefully practice will make me perfect:))

Life is a fasinating journey where we are lead to places we could have never thought about, encountering people we could not otherwise have ever had a chance, being taught lessons we could have never imagined.

In the Alps

This summer two friends of mine - Vaida and Bogdan  went to work in Swiss Alps with cows and cheese.

Šią vasarą du draugai praleido Šveicarijos Alpėse, kur dirbo ūkyje su žalmargėmis ir sūriu...:)

Tea time!

For my 24th birthday we had several pots of tea, different pies, other snacks and poems to share.

Sharing is caring

Sharing is caring. This one is about what I learned from living in the community. Thank you friends for caring!

Fields of Gold

Winter is over now
The blossom's on the tree
now I can breath.

The Snow's all gone from the ground
where no life could be found
But I can see green
New life can be seen again

Did you hear that summer rain sing?
When you knew, new life could be begin
you planted a seed, just to watch it grow
into a Tree of life

Hoping, you could be walking
in those fields of Gold
Where the skies are always blue.
The fruit is on the tree
It looks so sweet!

But when your roots are dry,
and your suffocating,
Just put aside the earthly things
that have kept you bound,
and be fruitful

It's Love, Joy, Peace, Patience,
Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, 
Gentleness and Self Control
Tree of Life

by Ben Sales


Inspired by my Theology class.

A long time ago, in Middle Ages, in Renaissance... before the Enlightenment Period, people believed that the Earth is flat. They thought that they could reach the sky. The moon, the sun, and the stars were thought to be hanging somewhere above, at the top of the sky.
People believed that they live in some sort of a bowl. If they really really wanted, they could reach the sky. That's where the story of Babel kicks in. People started building a tall tower to reach the top of this world.

This picture is about the people from the past and their views of the world.

New beginnings

There are so many opportunities waiting for you once you graduate. Stairwells and doors all around. But which one is the right one?

Baigiau studijas šių metų gegužę. Buvo be proto įdomu mokytis. Ir buvo be proto saugu.Visada žinojau, kas bus kitąmet, po pusmečio, mėnesio, ar blogiausiu atveju  - po vasaros atostogų, kurios trukdavo net 4 mėnesius. Iš pradžių mokykla 12 metų, o tada universitetas dar 4 metai. O dabar? Laisvas kaip paukštis, tik šiek tiek nežinantis, kur nutūpti. Eini savo keliu ir ieškai tų durų, kurios atvestų į laimę.